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If you make any changes, email us as soon as possible. We can’t modify address information for security reasons so make sure you provide us with all correct details on the checkout page.

Order Cancellation

Due to the prompt processing of your order, please contact us within 12 hours of making your purchase with any cancellations. We cannot cancel your order once it has been shipped.

Free shipping and exchange support

We support you to exchange within 03 days from the date you receive the goods for Hanoi and Saigon, and within 1 week from the date you receive products for other regions.

We support free nationwide shipping when you place our order.


You can only pay the bill by transferring money. 

When you finish choosing the product and paying, the website will display the receiving account information and instructions on the transfer syntax.

After you make a transfer, we will confirm and update the status of the application on the website and start shipping to the customer.

Keeping Your Personal Information Secure

We keep your personal information confidential and only provide it with your consent or permitted by law. For more information please see Ma Chérie’s Privacy Policy