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Brand spirit: Ma Chérie - My Love

A girl in love, regardless of age, always expects love to be sweet and passionate. She trembles with joy, when love is just like the blooming of flower buds. She seems adorned with radiant light, of both autumn and spring, as she is lovingly watched. 

Ma Chérie, my dear, she always heard a whisper in her ear, a very tender voice.

She always feels vibrated, feels that she is especially beautiful, whenever she is called by that name.

History of Ma Chérie

Everything started in the twilight of a day in February 2018, on the 4th floor of a house on Ba Trieu street. 

I turned 31 at that time and was managing two owned fashion brands. I left the off at 9PM everyday. These days were the time I worked with all my energy and passion.  I love all my lovely women who came and chose my designs.

It has been 7 years since I started. My mind wandered back to the time I met these ladies who came in with either beaming or miserable faces. Those who might be frivolous but herself were so down to earth. She could bear a sour and scornful appearance but possessed a strong inner spirit. She was so straightforward but still wanted to look sophisticated,… With all these traits, I just wanted to call them My Darling.

Fashion changed my life. I was no longer into writing but attentively admiring things in silence. I often contemplate my endless inspirations, being unreasonably happy or sad with every little detail of the fabric and ladies’ curves … To me, they are not my own but they are still mine. Obviously there are mentally strong ties that exist. They are my muse, my small dress, icy and untouchable. I made my own couture for my muse, then everyone just felt in love and the design went viral. Hence, I decided to save a sovereign corner of my heart for this piece of fashion – called it Ma Chérie.

I placed Ma Chérie into a modern French period where there are arrogant and gorgeous office girls, who are fragile and love to laugh. She makes people love her for who she really is. She chooses to fulfill her life by her own way and being sincere with her feelings.

She does things that other girls do not dare to do. Her passion and enthusiasm spreads her talent and energy to everywhere. Like a high-end wine glass in the Bordeaux region, you have to sip slowly so that the taste of the wine stays in your throat, and then you can feel the beauty of it – the allure that’s appealing but not ostentatious.