It’s become one of the most requested eyebrow treatments in beauty salons around the world, but what exactly is brow lamination – and should we be trying it? JESSICA HEALD finds out…

What is brow lamination?

Full, feathery brows have fast become a beauty mainstay for their instant youthful effect but, so far, we’ve needed an arsenal of tools to fluff them up and keep them firmly in place. Now, there is ‘brow lamination’, and the results have gone viral! This treatment forgoes the soap bar and spoolie and, instead, uses a solution with staying power – to create gravity-defying brows that remain upright with less effort than permanent treatments, such as microblading. According to Vanita Parti, CEO and founder of Blink Brow Bar, the lamination process makes it easier to achieve a longer-lasting feathery effect as a lash-lift serum is used to relax and lift the arches.

What is the process?

The brow lamination treatment itself takes a total of 45 minutes and a patch test is needed 48 hours in advance. The technician will initially make sure the treatment area is clean and follow this with a wax pen to outline the brow area, preventing any transference of the chemical solution. Next, two solutions are applied for 13 minutes each: the first breaks down bonds in the hairs so they can be manipulated into a new position, before a second cream rebuilds the bonds and sets them into their new lifted state. A conditioning treatment is then coated onto the brows and left for a couple of minutes. It’s up to personal preference as to whether you’d like a little trimming, shape or even a tint to finish off the look. The effect should then last for anywhere between six to eight weeks, depending on your hair growth cycle.

The downtime and aftercare

Afterwards, it’s all relatively straightforward: no water, no heat and no oil on them for 24 hours. After that, you’re free to treat your brows as you would normally, remembering that all you need to do to achieve that brushed-up look is to run a spoolie through them, and they’re good to go. My technician recommended that, after a week, I use a brow oil to help promote hair growth and keep the roots strong, as well as keeping the follicles active.

Who is it suitable for?

This treatment is great for almost everybody, as it makes even the most sparse eyebrows look instantly thicker. By removing any coarseness and texture from the hair, the brows are able to be manipulated into your most flattering shape, while covering any gaps you might have had. “It creates a big sculpted brow, which is very much on trend,” says Parti. “And they don’t have to be brushed up as they can also be brushed across to give sleek, straight brows,” she adds. However you choose to style them, this treatment is a no-brainer for anybody looking to shave precious minutes off their daily routine.